Monday, October 24, 2011

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

I’d like to discuss this whole relationship between AGE and MATURITY.
Why? I’m glad you asked. Here’s why I can’t hold it in any longer:
1.       There is no such thing as a 20s, 30s or 40s mistake in judgment.
2.       Just because you’re older than me does NOT mean you are wiser on EVERYTHING!
3.       I respect my elders, but I’m about to go HAM on some of them in the near future.
Let’s be clear, some mistakes in judgment are age-appropriate. Agreed? Great, let’s move on. My evaluation of life, meaning my priorities, has changed drastically from age 16 to 26. However, the change in judgment was NOT simply because I got older; it was because LIFE taught me to be wiser.
In an ideal world, a 40-year old would not make the same mistakes as a 18-year old, right? Welp, I don’t hafta tell you that honey, that ain’t how the cookie crumbles in 2011. The same setbacks, struggles and complexes we have now, started forming years ago and sadly, will not dissipate with age IF we do not learn in the process of growing older.
That moves me on to the next point. Do not automatically (meaning you have not considered that you’re wrong) place YOUR opinions on a superior level just because you are older than the person you are talking TO or ABOUT. I do NOT feel the need to dwell on this. I will say that I’ve learned more about life, honesty and forgiveness from my godchildren and children I spend time than most of my friends and family who “should know better.”
Here’s the REAL reason I wrote this: I respect my elders, but I’m about to go HAM on some of them in the near future. In case you don’t know what I mean: If one more person older than me disrespects or disregards me I’m gonna return the favor.
Why? ‘Cause they gon’ LEARN TODAY! LOL
You can’t dish what you can’t take. I was taught to NEVER disrespect adults, my older siblings, parents and really any person older than me because it was the right thing to do and it’s a sign that “your mama didn’t teach you no better than that.”
HOWEVER, no one ever prepared me to let someone older than me DISRESPECT me simply because they were born in a different century or decade than I.
Final words: Your behavior dictates your MATURITY LEVEL which SHOULD reflect your age. Any time someone acts in contrary to what you expect someone their age should, ask yourself this: Am I assuming that this person actually matured with time? Assumptions are rarely based on truth; if they were, then it would be a FACT versus an OPINION.
Ignorance is only bliss when you’re too young to be punished or too old to care about the punishment. I’m neither so I try to remain aware of my hang-ups so that they do not become rumors or weaknesses in my character.
My advice: practice what you preach or take the robe off, close the book up and remove yourself from the pedestal you have stepped up to.

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